Professional Standards Investigations  Certificate™ (PSIC™) Course # IA-201

IA-201 Course Objectives:

Participants will individually demonstrate their ability to:

  • Identify the elements of a complaint and the investigative process
  • Demonstrate an understanding of legal issues / cases related to misconduct investigations
  • Complete a mock IA investigation
  • Identify steps of the investigative process
  • Formulate a “notice of investigation”
  • Develop interview questions
    • Create an interview matrix, and data points
    • Document interview/s
  • Document investigative procedures and work papers
  • Create an IA report, to include:
    • Executive Summary
    • Interview Summary
    • Investigative observations / findings
  • Present report and findings to the instructor

This Class is for Law Enforcement Professionals (sworn and non-sworn):

  •   Who have successfully completed IA 101 within three years prior to the IA-201 course. 
  • Responsible for conducting administrative investigations. 
  • Responsible for conducting administrative investigations. 
  • Interested in obtaining the Internal Affairs Certificate. (IAC)™.
    • The (IAC)™ designation is awarded upon the successful completion of this course. 

Sessions will include a flash drive containing reports, audit plans and programs.  All participants must bring a laptop with ac power cord, adobe reader, Word and Excel programs. Although not required it is best if the laptop has Internet WiFi capability.