Professional Standards Investigations Certificate™ (PSIC™)

LD Consulting is proud to offer the Professional Standards Investigations Certificate™ (PSIC™)

designation.  This designation is designed specifically for law enforcement professionals engaged in conducting misconduct investigations.

The PSIC™ designation will:

  • Distinguish you from your peers
  • Enhance your credibility with peers and management
  • Develop your knowledge of best practices and procedures in law enforcement
  • Demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism
  • Give you the personal satisfaction of achievement
  • Lay the foundation for continued improvement or advancement.

The PSIC™ designation is awarded only to law enforcement professionals who successfully complete the required courses of study.

Properly conducted administrative misconduct investigations are critical to the success of any law enforcement organization.  This course of study is to provide law enforcement professionals conducting administrative misconduct investigations the opportunity to develop a skillset based on generally accepted practices for conducting administrative misconduct investigations.   It also provides an opportunity for recognition for educational and professional accomplishments.

The program consists of the following two courses for a total of 56 hours of training.

  • The Introduction to Professional Standards (IA) Investigations course – IA-101, which is a 3-day 24-hour course.
  • The Professional Standards Investigations Certificate™, course (PSIC™) – IA-201, which is a 4-day 32-hour course.

Criteria for Professional Standards Investigations Certificate™

Only individuals employed by a government organization may attend these courses.

Training Requirement:  Successfully complete the 101 and 201 courses within an 18-month period. Certification will require each candidate to pass examinations and complete a mock administrative misconduct investigation.

The certification will be valid for four (4) years.  After the fourth year, there is an option to re-certify, which is valid for another 4-year period.  To re-certify after 4 years PSIC holders will be required to attend one (1) NIAIA, IAPro or LEAIG conference during the previous 4-year period and re-take the re-certification examination.

Certification Details:

Who Should obtain the PSIC designation:


  • Assigned to investigate law enforcement administrative misconduct investigations, such as: citizen complaints
  • Administrative misconduct investigations
    Supervisors and Command Staff responsible to conduct or oversee / adjudicate administrative misconduct investigations.

Upon Completion: Those successfully completing the program will receive a Professional Standards Investigations Certificate™ (PSIC™).   They will also receive a newsletter with current events related in law enforcement misconduct investigations.