Course # LEIA-201

LEIA-201: Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Certificate

Course description:
Take the skills developed in the Introductory Law Enforcement Inspections and Audit course, LEIA-101 and demonstrate proficiency and professionalism in the certificate course and earn your Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Certificate™ (LEIAC™). The LEIAC™ designation will distinguish you from your peers and enhance  credibility with co-workers and management.

Course objectives: – Participants will individually demonstrate their ability to:

  • Develop line and staff inspection methodology and implementation
  • Complete an audit report to include the following:
  • Conduct Research / risk assessment / audit plan
  • Complete an audit program
  • Complete fieldwork to include interviews, statistical sampling and a basic survey
  • Create work papers
  • Create a written report with findings and recommendations
  • Create follow up audit document
  • Present project report for review and discussion

This course is for Law Enforcement Professionals (sworn and non-sworn, active or retired);

  • Responsible for business related-controls, compliance, and quality control activities wanting more extensive training.
  • Who have successfully completed the LEIA–101 course within three years prior the 201 course.
  • Interested in obtaining an Introduction to Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Certificate (LEIAC™),

Those successfully completed this course will be awarded the Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Certificate (LEIAC™).

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of the LEIA 101 course as stated above

Delivery Method: Group-Live

Instructors: Instructors with over 30 years of L.E. inspections / auditing experience.

Sessions include course material in digital format to include reports, audit plans and programs. All participants must bring a laptop with CD drive / ac power cord and windows PowerPoint/Word/Excel  programs and a jump drive.  This is a highly interactive class with basic quizzes for review.

Course Hours: Four day course: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

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