Course # LEIA-301

LEIA-301: Law Enforcement Audits for Government Auditors

Course description:
Public scrutiny of law enforcement operations is currently at unprecedented levels. This creates additional challenges for government auditors working to evaluate risks and conduct audit engagements related to law enforcement operations.  Law enforcement audits differ from other governmental audits, and can be hugely successful when performed in consideration of risks, procedures, and the culture unique to the law enforcement environment. This course provides government auditors insights into law enforcement culture as well as specific high-risk factors and tools to assess operations.  In this interactive course, students will participate in practical exercises involving high-risk law enforcement operations.

Course objectives: – Participants will individually demonstrate their ability to:

  • Roles and history of oversight and audits in law enforcement
  • Conducting audit engagements in the law enforcement culture
  • Risk assessment model / internal controls
  • Use of force (UOF) audits
  • Investigative case management audits
  • Professional standards / internal affairs DOJ generally accepted practices
  • Property and evidence audits

This course is for Government Auditors:

  • With any level of experience conducting law enforcement audits
  • Interested in performing law enforcement audit engagements

Delivery Method: Group-Live

Instructor(s): Dan Olson (Lt. Dan) is the President and owner of LD Consulting LLC.  He retired as a Lieutenant with the Phoenix Police Department, where he worked for over 34 years.  For eleven years Dan supervised the Professional Standards Bureau Inspections Unit.  The Unit is responsible for conducting audits for all 29 major bureaus and precincts within the Department in accordance with CALEA.  The Unit works closely with the City Auditor on police related audit engagements. The unit is also responsible for conducting special request audit and non-audit reports as well as coordinating the Patrol and Case Management Proactive Inspections programs. During his career Dan has worked several different assignments.  As a sergeant and a lieutenant, he was assigned to patrol as well as to the Professional Standards Bureau Investigation Unit, where he worked as an investigator for five years.  Dan has a Masters degree from Northern Arizona University.  Dan is a past president and founding member of ILEAA and is a Certified Law Enforcement Auditor (CLEA). Dan has been married for 36 years and has three adult children and two grandsons.  As a consultant with LD Consulting, Dan, has conducted numerous law enforcement audits and assessments in the United States.

Mike Giammarino (G-Man) is a Lieutenant with the Phoenix Police Department, where he has worked for over 26 years. For nine years, he was a sergeant assigned to the Professional Standards Bureau Inspections Unit. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2009 and assigned to the patrol division.  In 2011, he was assigned to direct the Inspections Unit. He has conducted over 60 CALEA audits and authored numerous reports for projects requested by executive management officials. Mike designed, implemented and managed the Patrol Proactive Inspection program. Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Arizona State University.  He is a founding member of ILEAA and is a Certified Law Enforcement Auditor (CLEA). As a consultant with LD Consulting, Mike, has conducted numerous law enforcement audits and assessments throughout the United States.

Sessions will include jump drives containing reports, audit plans and programs.  All participants must bring a laptop with ac power cord and windows PowerPoint and Word programs. Although not required it is best if the laptop has Internet WiFi capability.

Course Hours: Two day course: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

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