Course # MLE-101

MLE-101: Multicultural Issues in Law Enforcement Course

Law enforcement today is one of the most challenging and intensely scrutinized professions.  Law enforcement’s activities are frequently critiqued in the public and social media before many of the FACTS are known.  Agencies should effectively work with the citizens of their community representing various cultures to provide transparency and address misconceptions.  Pillar four of the President’s Task Force on Law Enforcement recommends community policing and crime reduction as a best practice.  In this course Mr. Richard, Esq. will provide insight into multicultural issues in law enforcement based on his work with the US Department of Justice in Ferguson, MO. and other communities.

MLE-101 Course Objectives:
Participants will learn about some of the following critical issues in law enforcement today:

  • The history of multi-cultural issues in law enforcement
  • Implicit Bias
  • Ferguson/”Black Lives Matter” Movement
  • Migrant Community
  • Muslim/Middle Eastern Community
  • Refugee Community
  • The homeless and mentally Ill
  • Officer Resilience
  • LGBT Community
  • Asian Pacific Islander Community / Native American Community

This class is for all law enforcement professionals (sworn and civilian).

Session Facilitator: Gerald P. Richard II, Esq.

Mr. Richard recently was a member of the Department of Justice, Institute for Intergovernmental Research After-Action Assessment Team for Ferguson, Missouri. He retired after serving as assistant to the Chief of Police of the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department.

At Phoenix PD he was responsible for overseeing the Phoenix Police Training Academy and the Employment Services Bureau as well as department leadership development and training. He was also responsible for implementing recommendations submitted by the Community Engagement and Outreach Task Force and community advisory boards, overall police and community relations, and legislative issues.

Previously, Mr. Richard served the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as a Special Policy Advisor for Law Enforcement. His experience includes positive and proactive police/community development, negotiations, and resolutions; passive and large-scaled, highly charged controversial demonstrations; public safety and emergency management; local, regional, and federal planning; corporate communications; intra- and intergovernmental relations; grant oversight; community-oriented crime prevention and intervention services; and other core public services.

He is an experienced litigator, arbitrator, and legal advisor for local, state, federal, community, and faith-based organizations. He has extensive experience serving as adjunct faculty/guest lecturer. He is a member or past member of numerous professional associations, boards, and commissions. He is the pastor of Harbert Chapel A.M.E. Church in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Course Hours: Two day course: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

Contact: Dan Olson
Phone: (602) 510-8481

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