Early Intervention

Early Intervention Program (EIP) consulting and training

Also known as Early Warning System, (EWS), Early Identification and Intervention System, (EIIS) or Early Intervention System, (EIS).

Implementation of an EIP involves more than buying the software and flipping the switch. To maximize effectiveness of an EIP in your organization the preparation and planning that takes place BEFORE you flip the switch is critical to the success of your EIP.  Success of your EIP can result in a reduction in liability and risk exposure to your organization as well as making employees as well as your organization successful.

If the EIP is not properly “rolled out” it will just be another system to be maintained. EIP’s are frequently required by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in circumstances where DOJ oversight, review, or investigation is conducted.

Our staff designed, implemented and maintained one of the first Early Intervention Programs (EIP) in the United States for the police department in the sixth largest city in the nation.

Our staff has also:

  • Attended the DOJ “train the trainer” training for EIP
  • Developed and hosted an international EIP conference attended by over 100 agencies from around the globe
  • Trained over 3,000 line, staff and command personnel in EIP
  • Participated in DOJ and NIJ sponsored EIP roundtable conferences and training around the nation.
  • Presented on EIP for the DOJ at the COPS conference in Washington DC
  • Presented EIP training for supervisors and Command staff at the Virgin Islands Police Department

Our staff can assist in all or one of the following stages of EIP implementation:

  1.  Software selection
  2. Policy Development
  3.  Non-disciplinary intervention option development
  4. Training of line officers, as well as supervisory and command staff to encourage “buy in” to the EIP.

If your agency is going to utilize an EIP we encourage you to do the proper planning BEFORE you flip the switch.  Regardless of where you are in your EIP process we have the expertise and resources to assist you.