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February 20 - 22, 2019 Introduction to Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Course – LEIA-101

Phoenix, Arizona


19 - 21, 2019

Introduction to Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Course – LEIA-101

West Palm Beach, Florida


8-10, 2019

Introduction to Internal Affairs Investigations IA-101

Peoria, AZ. (Phoenix Area)


16 - 19, 2019

Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Certificate (LEIAC)™ Course # LEIA-201 Phoenix, Arizona
April 30 - May 2, 2019 Introductions to Internal Affairs Investigation IA-101

Chesapeake, VA (Norfolk, VA. Area)

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Dec 12: Customs and Border Protection Paid $14 Million to Recruit Two Agents, Government Report Finds

Based on the source of this article I pulled up the OIG investigative report and verified it.  Lt. Dan

Mother Jones: US Customs and Border Protection paid a consulting company nearly $14 million to recruit new agents as the agency struggled to boost staffing levels amid an immigration crackdown. For that fee, the company processed just two successful job offers. The startling figure, along with plans to use a questionable Blade Runner-like lie detection system, is among the findings of a scathing new investigation by the Department of Homeland Security’s internal watchdog

Link to OIG investigation:

Dec 12: Baltimore County spending $1.4M to replace police department guns that could accidentally misfire or fail

Baltimore Sun: Baltimore County is spending more than $1.4 million to replace pistols used by county police that may have a tendency to accidentally misfire — or not fire at all.

The county awarded a no-bid contract to replace more than 2,000 FNS-40 pistols used by its police officers, sheriff’s deputies and correctional officers with weapons made by Glock. Baltimore County’s firing range instructors learned in August from the Arizona Department of Public Safety that the FNS-40 could fire accidentally.

Dec 12: Cops Test Out Incendiary Shotgun Rounds At Indoor Shooting Range, All Hell Breaks Loose (Video) We're not even going to get into the question of why police need incendiary shotgun rounds in the first place.

Dec 12: 2017 NIBRS Crime Data Released

FBI: Law Enforcement Continuing Transition to More Detailed Reporting System

Highlights from NIBRS, 2017 include:

  • Data from 2017 contained information on about 5.4 million incidents with 6,290,042 criminal offenses.
  • Of the reported offenses, 61 percent were crimes against property, 23 percent were crimes against persons, and 16 percent were crimes against society (such as animal cruelty).
  • Of the 4,524,968 individuals who were victims of crimes, 23.4 percent were between 21 and 30 years old.
  • A little more than half of crime victims were female, while 48 percent of victims were male.
  • More than half (52.2 percent) of victims knew their offenders (or at least one of their offenders if there were more than one) but were not related to them.
  • Nearly a quarter (24.4 percent) of crime victims were related to the offender.
  • The data showed there were 5,266,175 known offenders (meaning at least one characteristic about the person is known, such as age, gender, or race).
  • Of the known offenders, 41.9 percent were between the ages of 16 and 30.
  • The majority of known criminals (62.4 percent) were men, and 25.5 percent were women.

Link to Report:

Dec 12: Suspended Leechburg police Chief Mike Diebold pleads guilty to soliciting sex from minor

TribLive: Leechburg’s suspended police chief will remain in jail for the next seven weeks after he pleaded guilty Tuesday to soliciting sex from an undercover agent posing as a teenage girl.

Michael Diebold, 41, agreed to a deal with state prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to felony charges of statutory sexual assault, attempted statutory sexual assault, unlawful restraint and criminal use of a communications device. Common Pleas Judge Meagan Bilik-DeFazio sentenced him to serve nine to 23 months in jail followed by three years of probation.

Related Video:

Dec 12: Police chief fired after secretly filming sex with women and sharing images

CBS News: CHICAGO — An Illinois police chief has been fired, more than a month after he was charged with videotaping sexual encounters with women and then sharing the images without their consent. According to CBS Chicago, former Chicago Heights Park District Police Chief Christian Daigre, 41, was charged with felony counts of non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images, witness intimidation and possession of a controlled substance.

Dec 12: America's Growing Cop Shortage

NPR: Many police departments are scrambling to find enough officers to fill their ranks. That's led to recruitment wars and shortages in the field which have escalated overtime.

Dec 11: Dashcam captures deputy saving student from taking his own life

I thought I would post one on a positive note.  Lt. Dan

WishTV: New Video: The intense situation was captured on the deputy’s dashcam video on Dec. 2 and shows Deputy Jim Zahn approaching the middle of the Natchez Trace bridge where he finds the 19-year-old.

Dec 11: How Phoenix Explains a Rise in Police Violence: It’s the Civilians’ Fault

Here’s a good example of bias news coverage, in my opinion. Richard Oppel the author of this article has been a New York-based correspondent for the National desk since 2011, specializing in coverage of domestic terrorism and military stories.  So, I guess he is familiar with all the facts in Phoenix, AZ!  Lt. Dan.

As other big departments turn to soul-searching and building trust, the Phoenix police accused a blind man of assaulting an officer.

Dec 11: Hamilton County detective seen on video punching, kicking handcuffed man is placed on 'desk duty'

Video: Times Free Press: The altercation was caught on a video and posted to Facebook, where it had been viewed more than 82,000 times as of late Monday. But while Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond didn't offer much information during a Monday news conference, Charles Toney's arrest report and other court records reveal a better picture of what happened.

Dec 11: KCSO reaches settlement in case where plain-clothed detective pulled gun on motorcyclist

News Video - Kiro7: The incident occurred in August 2017, when Alex Randall was pulled over by Detective Richard Rowe. Rowe didn't identify himself at first as a deputy, and pointed his gun at Randall. Randall caught the incident on a helmet cam. Randall won $65,000 in the settlement.

Dec 10: A profession in crisis: Addressing recruitment and hiring practices in law enforcement

American Military University: Recruiting and retaining qualified police officers is one of the greatest challenges facing law enforcement leaders. Low pay, antiquated hiring practices, negative public perception, high attrition rates, exposure to chronic stress and trauma, and increasing responsibilities all contribute to the downturn in the number of police applicants. Many agencies report that the quality of applicants has also lowered significantly. Military call-ups, use of illicit drugs, obesity and excessive debt have lessened the qualified applicant pool.

Dec 10: First fatal police shooting captured on NYPD body camera results in lawsuit

Police One: The estate of Miguel Antonio Richards charges that Officers Mark Fleming and Redmond Murphy used excessive force when they fired 16 times, striking him seven times

Dec 10: The Basics of Qualified Immunity

Website and group, you may want to be aware of.  Lt. Dan.

Cato Institute: Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine invented out of whole cloth by the U.S. Supreme Court that protects government agents, including particularly law enforcement officers, who violate someone’s constitutional rights from federal civil liability. This website is dedicated to explaining how and why the qualified immunity doctrine needs to be eliminated.


Daily Caller: The Department of Defense Office of The Inspector General revealed in an investigative report Thursday the U.S. Air Force (USAF) failed to submit the Sutherland Spring, Texas, shooter’s criminal information into the FBI database four separate times.

Link to investigative report:

Dec 10: Former Missoula County deputy charged with felony for allegedly choking handcuffed man

Missoulian: Lake County Prosecutor Steven Eschenbacher decided to charge Hartsell with one count of mistreating prisoners, a felony that carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

Dec 10: Family gets $10M settlement for daughter's 2014 death in Washington County Jail

News Video - Madaline Pitkin died in her cell seven days after she was booked in the Washington County Jail. Corizon Health, at the time, was hired by the county to provide medical services to the jail.

Dec 10: Another $11.7M added to mountain of settlements tied to police misconduct

Chicago Sun Times: From May 2011 through June 30 of this year, the city paid $738.4 million in settlements and judgments to plaintiffs filing lawsuits and other claims against the city. That’s before the new round of settlements. Of that, $418.3 million stemmed from allegations of police abuse, he said.

Since Emanuel took office, the city has spent $231.4 million on outside attorneys to help litigate and settle lawsuits against the city.

Dec 10: Former Kenmore Police Chief to plead guilty (New Video)

KENMORE, N.Y. (WIVB) - The former Police Chief in Kenmore will plead guilty to a drug charge next month.

Peter Breitnauer is accused of stealing prescription drugs from the drug drop-off box at the Kenmore police station.

The U.S. Attorney's office says Breitnauer admitted to being addicted to painkillers and had more than a hundred pills stashed away.

He will plead guilty on January 10th.

Dec 10: Salem Police Chief Resigns Amid Controversy

NHPR:  Salem New Hampshire Police Chief Paul Donovan is resigning after an internal audit revealed widespread problems in the department.

The audit found the department mishandled investigations, failed to follow through with citizen complaints, and was inconsistent in timekeeping and pay.

Link to audit report:

Report also posted in LEIAG library:

Dec 9: Audit Details Errors Florida Made in Issuing Gun Permits

NBC Miami: The Florida department that approves gun permits and licenses for security guards and private investigators had inadequate oversight that led to hundreds of permits issued in error, according to a state audit released this week.

Audit report posted in LEAIG Library. Lt. Dan

Dec 8: In darkness and chaos, deputy killed by friendly fire

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) — As terrified people scrambled out of broken windows, screaming and bleeding and fleeing a mass shooting inside a California bar, Sgt. Ron Helus and a highway patrolman decided to try to stop the gunman, running in together with assault-style rifles to what turned out to be an ambush.

Almost immediately inside the dark and smoky bar, the gunman fired on the officers, hitting Helus five times. They retreated and returned fire.

What happened next is every officer’s worst nightmare: One of the patrolman’s bullets hit his fellow policeman, piercing his heart and killing him.

Dec 7: Baltimore's New Police Commissioner Would Be City's 5th In 4 Years

NPR: Mayor Catherine Pugh has nominated Joel Fitzgerald of the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas to be Baltimore's next top cop. The nomination starts the clock on what is roughly a two-month public interview process, and then Fitzgerald must be approved by the Baltimore City Council.

Dec 7: Portland Council Unanimously Approves Deal For Unarmed Police 'Safety Specialists' After years of discussion, Portland is one step closer to hiring a team of 12 unarmed “public safety specialists” to respond to incidents that don’t require a uniformed police officer. The PS3s will respond to a fairly narrow set of incidents, including thefts and break-ins without a suspect, minor traffic collisions that don’t involve injuries, and aiding police officers searching for missing children and elderly adults.

Dec 7: N.J. to overhaul how it tracks police force following investigation

Some very interesting information.  Lt. Dan

The Force Report is a continuing investigation of police use of force in New Jersey. Read more from the series or search your local police department and officers in the full the database.

New Jersey’s scattershot system for monitoring how often police officers use painful holds, punches, kicks and other types of force in the line of duty will get an overhaul following an NJ Advance Media investigation.

In a rare joint statement, New Jersey’s attorney general — along with local, county and state law enforcement officials as well as the heads of the Garden State’s major police unions — said they would be “working together to design a new system for obtaining use-of-force data in New Jersey.”

Dec 7: Baltimore City Council releases police commissioner pick Fitzgerald's resume, begins confirmation process

Baltimore Sun: The confirmation process for Baltimore police commissioner nominee Joel Fitzgerald officially began Thursday, as the City Council takes up his nomination at its final meeting of the year.

Unlike past nominees, Fitzgerald has chosen to stay in his current job as the chief of police in Fort Worth, Texas, saying he’ll begin working in Baltimore once he’s confirmed by a council vote.

Dec 7: Audit: Atlanta PD officers only used body cameras in about 1/3 of calls (News Video)

Audit also posted in LEAIG library.  Lt. Dan

WSBTV: The report found officers only used their body cameras on about one-third of calls, and officers aren’t always using their body cameras the way they’re supposed to, or following the rules.

Link to report:

Dec 7: In video, Springfield police chief apologizes for destroying rape kits, bad practices

Kansas Springfield MO. police in the past were wrong to destroy dozens of rape kits, to leave many untested and to pressure victims to quickly commit to helping investigators, Chief Paul Williams said in a public apology on video.

Dec 7: New York Police Say They Will Deploy 14 Drones

NY Times: Law-enforcement agencies across the country have adopted aerial drones to map crime scenes, monitor large events and aid search-and-rescue operations. But the high-flying devices have also triggered backlash over fears they will be used to spy on law-abiding citizens.

Dec 7: Who wants to be a police officer? Job applications plummet at most U.S. departments.

Good information in this article:  Lt. Dan

Washington Post: Perceptions of policing, healthy economy contribute to decreased applications at 66 percent of departments.  Chuck Wexler talks to police chiefs frequently, as head of the Police Executive Research Forum think tank in Washington. Recently, he asked a roomful of chiefs to raise their hands if they wanted their children to follow them into a law enforcement career. Not one hand went up, he said.

Dec 7: Video: Surveillance footage of fatal shooting by Buffalo police officer

Buffalo News: An investigation by the Erie County District Attorney's Office into the fatal shooting of Rafael "Pito" Rivera by a Buffalo police officer ended Monday when prosecutors announced there would be no criminal charges against the officer.

Dec 7: Perrysburg police chief submits resignation

Blade: The resignation comes after a Lucas County Sheriff’s Office investigation into Chief Paez’s response to a shooting in Perrysburg Township on Aug. 27 when a township police officer shot and killed a gunman who had taken two people hostage in a back yard on Neiderhouse Road.

Investigators found the city police chief pulled officers from the scene when they were needed to relieve township officers who were “traumatized” by the incident and did so without first conferring with township officials.

Dec 6: Cop suspected of theft suing over tarnished name. His target: fellow law enforcement

Miami Herald: A former Miami-Dade narcotics detective once investigated for stealing from drug dealers is suing fellow law enforcement officers — for sullying his reputation.

Edwin Diaz has filed a federal defamation lawsuit against the county and the internal affairs sergeant who investigated him, as well as a high-ranking Miami-Dade prosecutor. Diaz says his “personal reputation and professional standing” tanked because of the high-profile investigation. He was never charged but got booted from Miami-Dade’s narcotics unit.

Dec 5; Demoted Cleveland police homicide detective suspended for Facebook post, lying to investigators

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A demoted Cleveland police homicide detective was suspended again, this time for lying to internal affairs investigators about a social media post.

Patrol officer Rhonda Gray, who was demoted in April after an internal affairs investigation found she ignored for two years a DNA match in a homicide case, is serving a 25-day suspension, according to Cleveland police spokesperson Jennifer Ciaccia.

Dec 5: Detective sues own force claiming they ignored his domestic abuse allegations because he is a man

A detective is suing his own police force claiming that it ignored allegations that he was a victim of domestic abuse because he is a man.  Detective Constable Gareth Yates claims he reported his girlfriend to Cheshire Police for assault, theft and stalking but the force did not deal with the allegations because of his gender.

Dec 5: Federal officer faces charges after being shot by trooper

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Louisiana State Police say a federal law enforcement officer shot by a state ...

Dec 5: BCSO deputy suspended for 'inattentiveness' after 3 murder suspects escaped jail

My San Antonio: A sheriff's deputy responsible for patrolling the Bexar County (TX) Jail unit from which three murder suspects escaped in March was suspended for six days for his "inattentiveness," according to documents obtained by

Dep. Bryant Canales was handed the suspension without pay on Sept. 19, the documents show.

On March 2, the three murder suspects—Eric Trevino, Jacob Anthony Brownson and Luis Antonio Arroyo—escaped from the jail through a screen in the recreation yard.

Dec 5: Judge denies motion to throw out case against 3 Chicago cops accused in Laquan McDonald shooting cover-up

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Cook County judge denied Tuesday a request from defense attorneys to throw out the case against three Chicago police officers accused of covering up what happened the night Jason Van Dyke fatally shot Laquan McDonald.

Also on Tuesday, the fourth day of the bench trial, the prosecution rested their case after the judge ruled in their favor to enter key evidence - email exchanges between Chicago Police Department supervisors.

Dec 5: DC officer says department is massaging the numbers when it comes to violent crime (News Video)

Fox5DC: One veteran DC police officer is blowing the whistle on what he calls years of corruption and crime reclassification by the department.  "If it's a burglary and someone enters the home, but nothing was taken they'll have us re-classify it as Unlawful Entry which brings the crime down from a felony to a misdemeanor,” said the officer, who talked to FOX 5 on the condition of anonymity.  Felonies are reported to the FBI – the Uniform Crime Report compiles the statistics, providing a national barometer of violent crime for the record.

“What they do is, if the victim doesn't want to give up any information then they change it to ‘Injured Person to Hospital’,” the officer said.

Dec 4: Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones to Board of Supervisors: Don’t go too far with oversight

SacBee: Sheriff Scott stated that no other sheriff’s department in the state has oversight that is being contemplated here. Jones, who has been under pressure to begin releasing videos of officer-involved shootings and other incidents, made no mention of his department’s announcement late Monday that he would begin doing so, or its release of footage of an incident inside his main jail that ended with the death of an inmate.

Dec 4: Use of Force Complaint Processing King County Sheriff’s Office

This was published back in July of 2018.  Also posted on LEIAG doc library. Lt. Dan

OLEO: The objective in compiling this report for OLEO and the King County community is to provide a clear picture of what sort of KCSO actions lead to use of force complaints, how such complaints are categorized and investigated by KCSO, how well KCSO processes reported force related to complaints, and the outcomes for use of force complaints.

Dec 2: Video: Ex-con suspected of kidnapping woman exchanges gunfire with police, is killed

Police One: The man previously served eight years in prison for kidnapping and threatening police with a firearm

Dec 2:  SC police departments fail to regularly trace crime guns

Post and Courier: xperts and federal officials agree that law enforcement officers should trace every single crime gun they recover. It’s a key way to solve gun crimes, investigate trafficking and learn what the ATF’s gun-store inspectors and police could do to keep guns out of criminals’ hands.

But even though traces cost police departments nothing and the request for one takes less than five minutes to fill out, an investigation showed that many agencies in South Carolina are not initiating traces, or initiating them only occasionally.

Dec 2: Beverly Hills Settles With Police Captain

NBC Southern California:  A Beverly Hills Police Department captain who said he was effectively stripped of his responsibilities and rank because of his age and religion ...

Dec 2: Sheriff-elect Alex Villanueva is already planning a troubling change on deputy discipline oversight

LA Times: After defeating McDonnell in the Nov. 6 election, Alex Villanueva announced that he intended to scrap the two constitutional policing slots once he is sworn in as sheriff Monday. That pleased his supporters in the deputies union, which sees the civilian advisors as meddlers. But the move is sending a chill through the community of reformers who keep a wary eye out for any backsliding in the still-troubled but improving Sheriff’s Department.

Dec 1: X-Rated Body-Cam Video Lands NYPD Detective In Hot Water

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – An NYPD detective has been suspended without pay after body-cam footage surfaced allegedly implicating him in an X-rated prank at a police station house. Sources told the Daily News that Det. Specialist Raymond Williams used his partner’s body camera to record his privates back in October.

That partner found the footage the next day but kept quiet, according to the News.

The video was reportedly only found when a civilian employee at the Legal Bureau was going through body-cam footage late last month.

Dec 1: Oakland police monitor finds officers used force without reporting it

Another reason for inspections regarding LE use of force reports. Trust but Verify. Lt. Dan

Court-appointed monitor Robert Warshaw said that in a sampling of cases he reviewed, all uses of force by police officers were warranted and in line with department policy. It was the lack of reporting their actions that violated the rules, he wrote in a court filing this week.

His findings could ultimately call into question Oakland’s celebrated drop in police use-of-force. According to the department, incidents fell 75 percent from 2012 to 2017. Warshaw’s probe into the numbers is ongoing.

Skeptical of the “unexplained reduction,” Warshaw several months ago embarked on a review of arrest reports that includes watching body-camera footage to see if interactions happened as police officers said they did.

Warshaw, a former police chief of Rochester, New York, and deputy drug czar under President Bill Clinton, said he watched videos from 38 cases, chosen because they were likely to have involved tangling with suspects, even though no force was reportedly used.

In 14 cases — more than a third — officers did, in fact, get physical with people they were trying to arrest, Warshaw said. Videos showed six officers pointing their guns at suspects — considered a use of force that should be reported under department policy. In six cases, officers also failed to activate their cameras during the actual arrest, according to the review.

Dec 1: Pullman police sergeant resigns over alleged sexual misconduct with WSU student

Spokesman: Sgt. Hargraves, a 19-year veteran of the police department, was arrested Oct. 30 following a monthslong investigation by the Washington State Patrol. He is accused of receiving oral sex from an 18-year-old Washington State University student near a public park in late March in exchange for letting her off the hook for underage drinking. Court records say the victim was intoxicated at the time and his semen was found on her sleeve.

Dec 1: Authorities: Pittsburgh officer lied to FBI during bank robbery probe

(Pittsburgh) -- A veteran Pittsburgh police officer stands accused of lying to the FBI during a bank robbery investigation this year.

Antoine Cain was charged Tuesday in U.S. District Court with two counts of making false statements to government agents. The court records were unsealed Thursday.

A Pittsburgh police spokesman says Cain has reached a plea deal with prosecutors and has been placed on unpaid suspension. But further details were not disclosed, and a telephone number for Cain could not be located Friday.

Cain has served on the force since 1994.

Authorities say Cain lied on two occasions to FBI agents investigating the Jan, 8 armed robbery. They say he denied knowing who the robber was when he did know because the robber had confessed to him.

Dec 1: NYPD Has Been Quietly Revamping How It Treats Crime Victims. The Results Are Impressive.

NYPD has laid out on Thursday in a wide-ranging report on its efforts to improve how it eases crime victims’ burden, the cumulative effect adds up to a much grander proposition: that the marriage of modern policing and crime-victim services is more than an accidental byproduct of victims’ calls for help, but in fact can help make a city safer.

Nov 30: St. Louis Police Officers Indicted In Beating Of An Undercover Colleague

DOJ: A federal grand jury indicted three members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on charges of beating a fellow police officer who was working undercover during a 2017 protest. A fourth officer also was indicted and accused conspiring to cover up the incident.

Nov 30: Rosenstein Calls for Tech Firms to Work With Law Enforcement

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called on social media companies and technology firms Thursday to work with law enforcement to protect the public from cybercriminals.

Speaking at a symposium on online crime, Rosenstein said that "social media platforms provide unprecedented opportunities for the free exchange of ideas. But many users do not understand that the platforms allow malicious actors, including foreign government agents, to deceive them by launching vast influence operations."

Nov 29: Austin PD officer banned from working for law enforcement in Travis County

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin officer at the center of several controversial "use of force" investigations will never work in Travis County law enforcement again, thanks to a new deal with prosecutors.

A-P-D's chief fired officer Bryan Richter over lying about his actions while arresting an assault suspect outside Barton Creek Square Mall in 2017. (News Video)

Nov 29: Police chief arrested, accused of falsifying documents

Nov 30: St. Louis Police Officers Indicted In Beating Of An Undercover Colleague

DOJ: A federal grand jury indicted three members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on charges of beating a fellow police officer who was working undercover during a 2017 protest. A fourth officer also was indicted and accused conspiring to cover up the incident

Nov 30: Rosenstein Calls for Tech Firms to Work With Law Enforcement

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called on social media companies and technology firms Thursday to work with law enforcement to protect the public from cybercriminals.

Speaking at a symposium on online crime, Rosenstein said that "social media platforms provide unprecedented opportunities for the free exchange of ideas. But many users do not understand that the platforms allow malicious actors, including foreign government agents, to deceive them by launching vast influence operations."

Nov 29: Austin PD officer banned from working for law enforcement in Travis County

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin officer at the center of several controversial "use of force" investigations will never work in Travis County law enforcement again, thanks to a new deal with prosecutors.

A-P-D's chief fired officer Bryan Richter over lying about his actions while arresting an assault suspect outside Barton Creek Square Mall in 2017. (News Video)

Nov 29: Police chief arrested, accused of falsifying documents

Nov 30: St. Louis Police Officers Indicted In Beating Of An Undercover Colleague

DOJ: A federal grand jury indicted three members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on charges of beating a fellow police officer who was working undercover during a 2017 protest. A fourth officer also was indicted and accused conspiring to cover up the incident.

Nov 29: Austin PD officer banned from working for law enforcement in Travis County

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin officer at the center of several controversial "use of force" investigations will never work in Travis County law enforcement again, thanks to a new deal with prosecutors.

A-P-D's chief fired officer Bryan Richter over lying about his actions while arresting an assault suspect outside Barton Creek Square Mall in 2017. (News Video)

Nov 29: Police chief arrested, accused of falsifying documents

Nov 30: St. Louis Police Officers Indicted In Beating Of An Undercover Colleague

DOJ: A federal grand jury indicted three members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on charges of beating a fellow police officer who was working undercover during a 2017 protest. A fourth officer also was indicted and accused conspiring to cover up the incident.

Nov 29: Austin PD officer banned from working for law enforcement in Travis County

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin officer at the center of several controversial "use of force" investigations will never work in Travis County law enforcement again, thanks to a new deal with prosecutors.

A-P-D's chief fired officer Bryan Richter over lying about his actions while arresting an assault suspect outside Barton Creek Square Mall in 2017. (News Video)

Nov 29: Police chief arrested, accused of falsifying documents

Nov 28: Former Biscayne Park Police Chief Sentenced for Conspiracy to Deprive Persons of Civil Rights by Ordering Officers to Make False Arrests

DOJ: WASHINGTON – Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division today announced that former Biscayne Park Police Chief Raimundo Atesiano was sentenced to 36 months incarceration for conspiracy to deprive individuals of their civil rights.  Former Chief Atesiano previously pleaded guilty to acting under color of law as chief of police when on three separate occasions he ordered former officers Guillermo Ravelo, Charlie Dayoub and Raul Fernandez to falsely arrest and charge individuals with unsolved burglaries.  According to court filings, Chief Atesiano intentionally encouraged those officers to arrest individuals without a legal basis in order to have arrests effectuated for all reported burglaries. This created a fictitious 100% clearance rate for that category of crime.

Nov 28: Former Las Cruces U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer Sentenced to 12 Months in Prison for Obstruction of Justice

DOJ: Christopher Holbrook, 32, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer, was sentenced today in federal court in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to 12 months and a day in prison followed by two years of supervised release for obstruction of justice.

Holbrook falsified an official report regarding his use of Holbrook’s report falsely claimed that he used the minimum amount of force necessary to control R.A.M.; in pleading guilty, Holbrook admitted that he intentionally swept R.A.M.’s legs out from under him and caused R.A.M.’s head to hit the floor.  At the time of the incident, Holbrook was working as a CBP officer in Las Cruces.

Nov 28: FBI Overhauls Tip Line After Missing Red Flags in Parkland Shooting

KTLA: The FBI says it is overhauling its public tip-line system — partly by adding staff and changing review protocols — following criticism that the bureau missed tips about the man later accused of killing 17 people in February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Nov 27: State trooper shot 12 times files $30 million negligence suit

OregonLive: A state trooper shot 12 times by a murder suspect is suing Washington County's 911 system, the sheriff and others, contending dispatchers failed to alert officers that James Tylka was armed, suicidal and had just shot his wife when they radioed for police to find him on Dec. 25, 2016.

Cederberg also contends that a Washington County sheriff's deputy should have arrested Tylka a month earlier after his estranged wife reported receiving harassing calls from Tylka threatening to kill her and harm her new boyfriend.

The negligence suit also names Legacy Meridian Hospital as a defendant, alleging an emergency room doctor failed to hold Tylka there for mental health treatment when he attempted suicide by overdosing on insulin on Nov. 30, 2016.

Nov 27: Audit prompts rule changes for Charleston Co. employee purchasing cards

Live5news: Audit conducted after arrest of county employee

Nov 26: UK police wants AI to stop violent crime before it happens

New Scientist: Police in the UK want to predict serious violent crime using artificial intelligence, New Scientist can reveal. The idea is that individuals flagged by the system will be offered interventions, such as counselling, to avert potential criminal behaviour.

However, one of the world’s leading data science institutes has expressed serious concerns about the project after seeing a redacted version of the proposals.

The system, called the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS), uses a combination of AI and statistics to try to assess the risk of someone committing or becoming a victim of gun or knife crime, as well as the likelihood of someone falling victim to modern slavery.

Nov 26: LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell concedes race to Alex Villanueva in written statement

(FOX 11) - Sheriff Jim McDonnell has officially conceded the race for sheriff after today's updated election results.

Retired Lieutenant Alex Villanueva, will be sworn in next week as the county's new sheriff.

Nov 26: Pittsburgh PD to test new body cam technology in 2019

Tribune: Officials say all Pittsburgh police officers will be equipped with body cameras by next year.

More than 500 of the department's 900 officers have the cameras, and 400 more are to be ordered. The cameras cost about $500 each.

The Tribune-Review reports the department also plans to test a sensor that activates a camera when an officer pulls a weapon.

Nov 26: NOPD officer arrested after high-speed chase ends in fiery crash

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Someone called Kenner 911 just before midnight Saturday after a man trying to buy alcohol was denied at a drug store. The caller said the man was obviously impaired.

Kenner Police responded and pulled over 53-year-old Carlos Peralta in the 300 block of West Esplanade. That’s when police say Peralta, a 22-year veteran of the NOPD, took off.

Investigators said he drove recklessly through red traffic signals and swerved between vehicles before getting on the I-10 eastbound. Police said at times, Peralta traveled in excess of 110 mph. During the chase, state troopers deployed spike strips, disabling the vehicle’s front passenger-side tire.

Nov 25: Glynn County Police Department audit presented to county commission

Brunswick News: The Glynn County Police Department is headed in the right direction but could be better with some changes according to an operations and management study by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Link to report:

Report also posted on the LEIAG website.

Nov 23: Nudge Dredd: Police Drivers Use 'Tactical Contact' To Floor Motorbike Crime Suspects

Most officers in the UK are unarmed, but check out this tactic.  Lt. Dan

Forbes: London's Metropolitan Police have today released dramatic footage showing officers using their patrol cars as weapons, knocking to the ground suspected criminals riding mopeds and motorbikes.

Scotland Yard says its new “tactical contact” strategy has reduced robberies, phone snatches and other violent crime. On Twitter, the tactics have been warmly welcomed by some but slammed by others.

Moped-enabled crime has fallen by 44% in the UK capital year-on-year since the controversial methods were introduced.

Nov 23: Do more cops in schools make them safer? New study looking at NC schools says no.

Brookings edu: The study of North Carolina middle schools found no relationship between increased funding for school resource officers and reduction in cases of reported school crimes. Kenneth Alonzo Anderson, the report’s author and an associate professor at Howard University, said legislators across the country should consider the findings before rushing to put more police officers in schools following mass acts of violence such as the school shooting incident in Parkland. Fla.

Link to report abstract:

Nov 23: Feds investigating civil rights issue inside Cuyahoga County Jail

News5Cleveland: CLEVELAND - The FBI is investigating civil rights issues inside the Cuyahoga County jail according to a damning report detailing serious problems inside the jail.

The details of the incident involving the use of force as punishment, as well as the FBI's involvement were blacked-out in a version of the report released by Cuyahoga County Wednesday.

According to the report, prepared by the US Marshals at the request of county leaders, the Facility Review Team confirmed use of force is used as punishment inside the jail.

Link to the US Marshals office report (Also posted on LEIAG website):

Nov 22: In a first, FBI to begin collecting national data on police use of force

CBS: The National Use-of-Force Data Collection will track use-of-force incidents by police that result in death or serious bodily injury, and also incidents in which an officer fired a gun at a person, the FBI announced Wednesday. Local, state, tribal, and federal jurisdictions can begin submitting data to the FBI via a web application on Jan. 1, 2019. Once the information is collected, it will be released at least twice a year.

The FBI has said is doesn't have legal authority to mandate reporting of any data to the Uniform Crime Reporting program. For the use-of-force data collection effort, it says it's working with major law enforcement agency organizations to "obtain broad support and forge commitments from these members to report this critical information."

FBI press release:

Nov 21: First full Pentagon financial audit details bureaucratic noncompliance, but no fraud

Washington Post: The Pentagon has released the results of its first full financial audit, and it received a failing grade. Only a handful of the Pentagon’s numerous agencies received a passing grade from auditors, and most of them were asked to fix various financial irregularities.

Nov 21: 2019 Internal Audit Plan for TX Attorney General

Also posted on LEIAG website: Lt. Dan

Nov 21: Indiana State Police Turn Down Elkhart Mayor’s Request for Broad Review of City’s Police Department

propublica : Stories by the South Bend Tribune and ProPublica revealed Elkhart police officers’ misconduct and disciplinary histories. The state police were asked to investigate, but say that’s the job of the U.S. Justice Department.

Nov 21: Martha’s Vineyard detective fired for conducting illegal background checks

Boston Globe: A veteran detective was fired from a Martha’s Vineyard police force this month for allegedly conducting illegal background checks — a problem that surfaced after a separate investigation found packages filled with large amounts of cocaine had been delivered to a tenant living inside his home, police officials said.

Nov 21: Brookhaven deputy police chief resigns amid sexual harassment claims

Mdjonline: The Brookhaven Police Department’s deputy chief has resigned after being accused of sexually harassing a female officer under his command.

Juan Grullon, who had served as deputy chief since March 2015, resigned Nov. 8 after a lieutenant with the department filed a sexual harassment complaint against him Oct. 29. He had been with the department since 2013, becoming part of its inaugural staff shortly after the city incorporated. Because the lieutenant is an alleged victim of sexual harassment, she is not being identified by the Neighbor.

Nov 20: Five Baton Rouge PD cops claimed over $100k in overtime to do office work (News Video)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Police Department is shutting down all its non-vital operations for the upcoming holidays after the agency’s top brass consumed more than $100,000 in overtime pay for themselves.

Nov 20: Former officer turned criminologist researches cops who abuse the power of the badge (News Video)

ABC: Stinson has catalogued nearly 15,000 cases nationwide from drugs and assaults to sex crimes during traffic stops.  Stinson says his research shows a pattern of officers who’ve served honorably throughout their careers get involved in criminal activity right before retirement.

Nov 20: St. Johns (FL) sheriff’s finance director jailed after $600,000-plus in false payments uncovered

Jacksonville.Com: The former director of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office’s financial services division is charged with multiple counts of forgery and official misconduct after more than $600,000 in checks were written to what authorities said were fraudulent accounts. Some of the funds were used to pay for a mortgage and a Lexus, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Nov 20: Missouri sheriff pleads guilty to cellphone tracking charges

Associated Press:  ST. LOUIS — The sheriff of a rural southeast Missouri county pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges for using the cellphones of a judge, other law officers and others to track their whereabouts.

Nov 20: Scottish Police Authority improves but financial concerns remain

The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) has made progress but concerns remain about its ability

to balance its budget and meet longer term strategic objectives.

Link to report:

Nov 20: Crisis Intervention Teams Do Not Reduce Arrest, Use of Force, or Officer Injuries

NIJ: This practice comprises specialized police-led, pre-booking jail diversion responses to individuals with mental illness. The goals are to reduce police officers’ injuries and use of force, and to reduce arrests of individuals with mental illness.

The practice is rated No Effects for reducing arrests of individuals with mental illness and reducing trained police officers’ use of force in situations involving mentally ill individuals.

Nov 19: Video Shows Michigan Patrol Car Hit Homicide Suspect During Shootout Grand Rapids police officials say Adam Nolin killed his girlfriend at their Wyoming home before he led police on a high-speed chase and shootout that ended on the expressway on Sept. 27.

Inspector General: Haskell Falsified Crime Statistics

US News: A federal agency has found that administrators at Haskell Indian Nations University underreported crime statistics for a two-year period.  "A Haskell employee said she adjusted statistics because she feared the Haskell president," the report said. "The employee said she tried to explain the requirements to the president, but it just made her angry. The employee said, 'I know it's wrong, but I'm scared to death, you know. I mean, I need this job.'"

Link to report:

Report also listed on LEAIG website library.

Nov 19: LA Sex Crimes Detective Arrested on Suspicion of Raping Teen

AP: Authorities say a Los Angeles County sheriff's detective has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 14-year-old girl in a case he was investigating.

Nov 19: The Use of Civilian Staff to Police Hot Spots in UK Rated No Effects

NIJ: This is a focused policing strategy to reduce calls for service and crime in hot spots using increased foot patrols by civilian police community support officers.

The program is rated No Effects. Hot spots that were assigned proactive civilian police community support officers did not experience statistically significant reductions in calls for service or crime.

Nov 18: Baltimore mayor names Fort Worth top cop Joel Fitzgerald as police commissioner

Baltimore Sun: Joel Fitzgerald, the police chief of Fort Worth, Texas, has been chosen as Baltimore’s next police commissioner, taking the helm of a department in the midst of sweeping civil rights reforms and violence on pace to surpass 300 homicides for the fourth year in a row.

Fitzgerald, 47, will start work as acting commissioner after Thanksgiving, Mayor Catherine Pugh said. He will need to win the approval of the City Council if he’s to stay.

Nov 18: North Las Vegas appoints first female police chie

Review Journal: A woman will lead the North Las Vegas Police Department for the first time in the agency’s history.

Pamela Ojeda, a 23-year veteran of the department, was appointed to the position of police chief this week, the city announced Friday. She previously served as assistant police chief.

Nov 18: Man steals own vehicle from police impound lot

WAFB: Police were able to retrieve the car but not the gun inside the vehicle. The man will face additional charges.

Nov 18: Prince George's county police chief says department is still investigating alleged sex scandal

Fox5dc: PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY - The Prince George’s county police chief is speaking out on Thursday – one day after FOX 5 reported on a sex scandal involving police and a transgender prostitute in D.C.

A Prince George’s county officer – and also a D.C. officer – are currently under investigation for allegations of misconduct.

Nov 18: Tempe police chief apologizes for officers’ strip club visit

LE personnel should remember that even while at a conference on your own time (during non-conference hours) and per diem people (maybe fellow LE personnel) are still watching.  I also note that at some conferences some folks “disappear” from conference events, while still on the clock.  Risk factor: Public Perception:  Lt. Dan

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) – The Tempe police chief is apologizing for officers who went to a strip club on an out-of-state business trip but said they did nothing illegal.

Police Chief Sylvia Moir said Thursday that some female officers visited a topless bar last month while in Palm Springs for a law enforcement conference.

She said they did not violate any city policy but that it still reflects poorly on the department.

Nov 17: Dallastown woman accused of making false sex assault claims against PA. state police trooper

Based on the allegations, an investigation was launched. State police, the Internal Affairs Division Central, and the Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards were all part of the several-months-long investigation.

Upon completion, it was turned over to the York County District Attorney’s Office where it was determined that Brown’s claims were fraudulent, the release states.

Brown is being charged with unsworn falsification to authorities and false reports to law enforcement authorities. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 20.

Nov 17: New Colorado State Patrol video series 'Hidden Scars' shares stories of law enforcement (News Video)

9News: The Colorado State Patrol launched a new video series called "Hidden Scars." It shares the stories of law enforcement, first responders and families of crash victims. It's a new effort to help people see beyond the uniform and those who wear one

Nov 17: Sonoma County’s (CA) Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach (IOLERO) Releases Fiscal Year 2017-18 Annual Report

Santa Rosa, CA – Sonoma County’s Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach (IOLERO) today released its second Annual Report summarizing the activities and findings of the Office for the period of July 1, 2017 until June 31, 2018. The 111-page Report provides information about the activities of IOLERO, as well as its findings on audits of Sheriff’s Office investigations, among other topics. In addition, IOLERO has released the Sheriff’s written response to the Annual Report and IOLERO’s comment on that response. Taken together, these documents provide a robust picture of the state of civilian review of the Sheriff’s Office, at this juncture.

Nov 16: New device on the market being tested by police departments:

Check out this new device.  Lt. Dan:

Chaska soon will be the first law enforcement agency in Minnesota to test BolaWrap 100, a nonlethal restraint designed to let police incapacitate individuals with minimal to no pain.

Nov 16: 7 Paterson NJ. cops got major suspensions in 2017, report says

PATERSON — Seven Paterson police officers received major suspensions in 2017 ranging from 30 days to six months, according to an Internal Affairs discipline report released this week.

High-ranking city police officials say the discipline report is evidence of their “zero tolerance” approach towards wrongdoing by cops, but critics say New Jersey’s Internal Affairs system is flawed, arguing that it shields law enforcement from oversight and public accountability.

Nov 16: A state trooper used a pit maneuver to stop a pursuit in Southern California (News Video)

Nice PIT, followed by a nice tackle: Lt. Dan

KVOA: SEAL BEACH, CA –  A state trooper used a pit maneuver to stop a pursuit in Southern California today.

Authorities say the suspect was driving a stolen truck with a refrigerator and recliner in the back. The highway patrol started chasing the suspect and eventually used a pit maneuver to spin the truck around in Seal Beach. The driver of the truck lost control and flipped over onto the other side of the road.

The suspect jumped out and tried to run away but  officers tackled him in a nearby parking lot.

Nov 16: Seattle City Council approves controversial police-union contract

Police One: Many opponents of the contract said the wages should be approved, with the reforms subject to further talks

Nearly All the Officers in Charge of an Indiana Police Department Have Been Disciplined

Including the Chief Who Keeps Promoting Them.  Of the 34 supervisors in the Elkhart, Indiana, Police Department, 28 have been disciplined. Fifteen have been suspended. Seven have been involved in fatal shootings. Three have been convicted of criminal charges.

Nov 16: Spokane police oversight panel pushes for further probe into officer conduct during summer protest

A civilian panel tasked with overseeing investigations into Spokane police conduct ordered a further investigation Tuesday into a citizen complaint stemming from a downtown protest this summer.

The further review into allegations of unprofessional conduct was requested by Spokane Police Ombudsman Bart Logue, and is the first time such an additional probe has been authorized by the civilian panel since its inception in 2013.

Nov 16: City Council, Union approves new Austin police contract

After months of intense negotiations, Austin’s City Council and the police union on Thursday approved a labor agreement that includes a 7 percent pay raise for officers over the next four years and more civilian oversight of the police force.

The $44.6 million contract was approved unanimously by the council and by about 80 percent of the union’s voters.

Nov 16; In Baltimore, Police Seem Everywhere and Nowhere at Once

Governing: Baltimore is suffering from a contradiction of sorts. On the one hand, the city is known for tough cops and citywide camera surveillance. On the other hand, it can seem at times like there are hardly any police around at all.

November 16: Trump endorses U.S. House prison reform bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump endorsed a bipartisan U.S. House bill on Wednesday intended to reform the federal prison system and help inmates prepare for life after release, but the legislation faces an uncertain future in the Senate.

Nov 16: Broward sheriff's deputies had difficulty remembering mass-shooter training, report finds

Sun Sentinel: FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Some Broward sheriff's deputies couldn't remember the last time they attended mass-shooter training. Others couldn't recall what they'd learned when they did attend, investigators reviewing the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting found.

A report prepared for a fact-finding commission tasked with uncovering systemic problems in the police response found fault with BSO's preparedness for the Feb. 14 massacre.

November 16: Where Cop Cars Double as Ambulances

Trace: In Philadelphia, police often race shooting victims to the hospital rather than wait for paramedics. Experts in trauma and policing say more cities should consider it.


November 11: The IAPRo conference in San Diego this week had a great turnout with some excellent training.  Got to meet a lot of old friends and make some new ones.  Thx to IAPro for allowing me to present.  Next year's IAPro conference will be in Nashville, TN. on November 19-21, see you there.

Nov 14: City of Fort Worth Paying $130093 for 504 Unused Cell Phones: AuditNBC 5 Dallas-Fort WorthThe city of Fort Worth is paying $130,093 for 504 cell phones and mobile devices it did not use, according to an audit. A report, by the city's internal ...
Several years ago we did a similar audit at Phx PD and found some similar issues and were able to save the dept some money.  Lt. DanLink to audit report: 13: St. Paul civilian review commission recommended few police misconduct allegations for disciplineStar Tribune: A small fraction of the alleged police misconduct cases that St. Paul’s civilian review commission handled last year were recommended for sustained discipline, according to a report issued Tuesday.About 85 percent were found to be “unsustained,” “exonerated” or “unfounded.” The Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission released a summary of its work at a public meeting Tuesday night. 12: Woman charged with falsely accusing deputy of raping herThe charge, a felony, follows a shoplifting arrest at a Target store in Greenacres.WEST PALM BEACH — A West Palm Beach woman is facing a charge that she falsely accused a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy of rape following her arrest on shoplifting charges nearly a year ago. 11: City Hall storm was triggered by an audit. And now, Cincinnati officials can't find itThey are the documents that set off a political earthquake earlier this year, including the firing of an assistant police chief and the forced resignation of a city manager, that has left City Hall fractured.And now the city says it can’t find them. Police Capt. Jeff Butler, the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) supervisor who conducted the audit, sued the city in 2017 over possible discrimination in a whistleblower case. Last Friday, the suit was amended to accuse the city of possibly destroying the records that would prove the audit was correct.An initial draft of the police overtime audit obtained earlier this year by The Enquirerincluded these findings:

  • Allegations of possible intentional and systematic abuse of overtime by police in at least one district. The motive: To make more money.
  • Possible double billing. Specifically, officers were getting paid twice – for being in two places at the same time.
  • Lack of supervisor approval for more than half the overtime submitted during the audit period.
  • “Enough evidence to suggest there is a lack of management oversight, which has caused significant negative financial impact to the department … and extensive financial liability” to the city.

Nov 11: State Patrol Detective Violated Woman's Rights With Ruse, Hidden Cameras, Court Rules

Interesting case.  Lt. Dan.

In its opinion the three-member panel found that McMullen had "qualified immunity" from the lawsuit but the panel also underscored that the detective's actions were unconstitutional because he was conducting an administrative fraud investigation.

The courts have in the past ruled that police can use ruses in criminal investigations but not civil matters.

Nov 11: Code Enforcement Audit, Palo Alto, CA.

Also posted on LEAIG website:  Lt. Dan.


The purpose of this audit was to answer the following questions:

1) Does the City investigate code enforcement cases in a timely manner and effectively resolve

identified violations?

2) Does the City receive, classify, and record code enforcement complaints and cases efficiently

and consistently to provide useful information for management decisions?

3) Does the City communicate effectively with the public to encourage voluntary compliance and

inform them about the status of investigations?


If you are looking for ideas for an off / extra duty work engagement, check this one out. Also posted on the LEAIG website.  Lt. Dan.

The Dallas Police Department’s (DPD) Off-Duty Employment Program (Program) allows sworn DPD officers to work off-duty law enforcement jobs (off-duty employment) in addition to regular on-duty work hours.  Studies show off-duty employment programs can provide benefits both to the City of Dallas (City) and to the individual police officers.

Link to audit report:

Nov 11: I-940 backers working on amendment: ‘Law enforcement needs to know they have support’

SEATTLE -- Voters in Washington State resoundingly passed a measure that will make it easier to prosecute police officers involved in shootings.

Initiative 940 requires police training to de-escalate volatile situations and avoid the use of deadly force. The Associated Press projects the passage of the measure, which also mandates that police provide mental health intervention and first aid on the spot.

Now, lawmakers say they already have an amended version ready to go for the 2019 legislative session. And according to Monisha Harrell of De-Escalate Washington, that was always the plan.